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Format Text Color and Style
Format Text Color and Style
Color adds flair to any presentation. You can use text color to make your text more readable
and more attractive. Choose text colors that are a good contrast with the background so your
audience can easily read the text during the slide show. You can select colors from a standard palette
or work with custom colors. Use text colors along with text styles such as bold or shadow to add
emphasis to the words in your presentation.
Format Text Color and Style
1 Click a placeholder to select it.
2 Click and drag over one or
more words.
3 Click the Home tab.
4 Click the Font Color down
arrow ( ).
A color palette appears.
5 Select a color from the palette.
A For a custom color, click More
Colors .
B The text you selected changes
to the color you chose.
6 Click and drag over one or
more other words.
Note: You can also double-click to
select a single word.
7 Click the dialog box launcher
button (
) in the Font group.
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