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Format Text Color and Style
Writing and Formatting Text
The Font dialog box appears.
8 Click the Font style down
arrow ( ).
9 Click a style from the list.
0 Click an effect to apply to
your text (
changes to
! Click OK.
C PowerPoint changes the text to
the style that you selected.
What is the difference between applying formats
with the Home tab buttons and the Font
dialog box?
The Font dialog box enables you to apply several
formats at one time from a single location. All
possible options are there, including some
specialized attributes, such as superscript and
subscript, which you do not see in the Font group
on the Home tab.
What are superscript and subscript?
These formats either raise (superscript) or lower
(subscript) the selected text a set distance from the
regular text. Superscript and subscript are often
used for footnote or scientific notation, such as 4 2
representing 4 to the second power, or f x to
represent a function of x. Unless you customized the
ribbon, these attributes are only found in the Font
dialog box.
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