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Format Text Font and Size
Writing and Formatting Text
7 Double-click the number in
the Size text box and type a
new font size.
A You can also click the spinner
( ) beside the Size text box
to increase or decrease the
font size.
8 Click OK.
B PowerPoint applies the new
formatting to the text.
Note: If the placeholder is not
wide enough to accommodate the
size of the font with the number
of characters in one line, then
the auto-formatting feature
makes the text two lines.
There is a Character Spacing tab in the Font
dialog box. What does it allow you to do?
The Character Spacing tab allows you to kern the
font, or in other words, adjust the character spacing
of the text. You can kern the font and specify above
which font size you want to start kerning.
Are there limitations on how large or small text
can be?
No. You can type whatever font size you like, with the
lower limit being 1 and no practical upper limit.
However, remember to keep the text readable for the
viewer. A very small text size is difficult to see; a huge
text size can make text look like a design element.
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