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Cut, Copy, and Paste Text
Writing and Formatting Text
B PowerPoint copies the
selected text to the
8 Select the slide where you
want to paste the text.
Note: For more information on
navigating slides, see Chapter 2.
9 Click within the placeholder
to position the insertion
point where you want to
paste the text.
C The insertion point appears
in the placeholder.
0 To paste an item that you
copied, click it in the
D PowerPoint pastes the cut or
copied text into the
E You can also click Paste to
paste the most recently
copied item, which is always
the first item on the
Is there an easier and faster way to cut, copy,
and paste?
Yes. You can perform these commands by using
keystrokes. Press + to cut, + to copy,
and + to paste. Use these keystrokes to
perform these commands with text, objects, and
even files. They work throughout Microsoft Windows.
The text that I copied in Word appears on the
Clipboard. Can I delete it?
Yes. Move your mouse pointer ( ) over the item
that you want to delete and then click the down
arrow ( ). Click Delete on the drop-down list that
appears and the item disappears from the Clipboard.
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