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Format Bulleted Lists
Format Bulleted Lists
Bulleted lists are the heart of any presentation. They summarize key points the presenter wants
to make. You can format bulleted lists with different styles of bullets. For example, you can use
check marks as bullets in a list of points for a project. You can use pictures and symbols as bullet
points and dictate the size of bullet points as well.
If you place the insertion point within the text of a placeholder, only the bullet for that line
changes. To change all bullets, click the placeholder border to select the entire placeholder.
Format Bulleted Lists
1 Click the border of a
placeholder containing a
bulleted list.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the Bullets down
arrow ( ).
4 Click a bullet style from
the gallery.
A The bullets change to the
new style.
5 Click the Bullets down
arrow ( ).
6 Click Bullets and Numbering
at the bottom of the gallery.
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