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Format Bulleted Lists
Writing and Formatting Text
The Bullets and Numbering dialog
box appears.
B You can change the bullet color.
C You can click Customize to use a
symbol as a bullet.
7 Click Picture .
The Insert Pictures dialog box
D You can use a picture from your
8 Type a keyword into the Clip Art text box.
9 Click the Search button (
0 Click a picture from the selection.
! Click Insert .
E The picture appears as a bullet.
How can I make the bullets larger?
The Bullets and Numbering dialog box includes a
size setting. This setting is expressed in percentage
of the text size. If you increase the text size, the
bullet size increases proportionally. Double-click in
the Size text box, type the size you want, and then
click OK to apply the sizing.
Can I apply a new bullet style to every bullet in
the presentation without having to change each
Yes. You can use the master slides to make formatting
changes that apply to every slide in the presentation.
Chapter 9 covers master slides in detail.
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