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Using the Spelling Check Feature
Using the Spelling Check Feature
You should check the contents of your presentation for spelling accuracy because good
presentations do not have spelling errors. Not all of us are spelling bee winners, but your
audience will definitely notice spelling errors. Fortunately, PowerPoint offers a spelling check feature
to improve your spelling accuracy without using a dictionary. You can check the spelling of all the
words throughout your presentation so it is as professional as possible.
Using the Spelling Check Feature
1 Click the Review tab.
2 Click Spelling .
Note: You can also press
to start the spelling check.
A The Spelling task pane
appears, displaying the first
questionable word and
suggested spellings.
3 Click a suggestion from the
Suggestions list.
4 Click Change to replace the
B You can click Change All to
replace all instances of the
misspelled word.
C You can click Ignore to leave
the spelling as is.
D You can click Ignore All to
leave all instances of this
spelling as they are.
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