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Using the Spelling Check Feature
Writing and Formatting Text
E The spelling check proceeds
to the next questionable
5 Repeat Steps and until 4
the spell check is complete.
A dialog box appears notifying
you when the spelling check is
6 Click OK.
The Spelling task pane closes.
Note: If PowerPoint options are
set to check spelling as you type,
red wavy lines may appear under
possibly misspelled words after
you type them. You can right-click
the word and then click an option
in the shortcut menu that appears.
Is it possible to check spelling for a
specific word?
Yes. Select the word before you run the
spelling check. The spelling check starts
with the word you select. After taking
the appropriate action, simply click the
Close button (
Is there a way to get PowerPoint to stop flagging a
particular word as misspelled?
Yes. In the Spelling pane, click Add . This adds the word to your
custom dictionary, so it recognizes the spelling as legitimate in
the future. Keep in mind that your custom dictionary affects all
Microsoft programs, so the word you add will be viewed as a
legitimate spelling in all Microsoft programs.
) in the Spelling pane.
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