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Using the Research Feature
Using the Research Feature
As you type text in a presentation, you may need to check definitions or facts. PowerPoint
gives you the convenience of researching a topic without a dictionary, thesaurus, or any other
references; you can research the topic without leaving PowerPoint! If your computer has an Internet
connection, you can use the Research feature to search reference books and research sites for
relevant information on your topic. PowerPoint finds relevant references so you can open them with
a click of your mouse button!
Using the Research Feature
1 Click the Review tab.
2 Click and drag across the text
you want to research.
3 Click Research .
The Research task pane appears
with the selected text in the
Search for text box.
4 Click the Search button
changes to
You can click the Stop button
( ) to cancel the search.
A The search results appear.
B If you want to change the
search topic, type it in the
Search for text box and click
the Search button (
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