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Using the Research Feature
Writing and Formatting Text
5 Click the Search for down
arrow ( ) to change where
the Research feature looks for
6 Click to select a research site
from the drop-down list.
PowerPoint changes the search
results to reflect your change.
C Click the Expand icon (
) to expand
a listing (
changes to
D Click the Collapse icon (
) to
collapse a listing (
changes to
E Click Next to see the next listings.
7 Click a link.
Additional information appears or a
Web site opens, depending on the
type of link it is.
8 Click the Close button (
) to close
the Research task pane.
Can I specify which research sites PowerPoint will
Yes. With the Research task pane displayed, click the
Research options link at the bottom. A dialog box
appears with a list of all resources. Click the check
box beside any listed reference, and then click OK.
The references you selected now appear in the
drop-down list.
I followed a link but it did not contain the
information I wanted. Is there a way to go back
to the original item that was displayed?
Yes. Working within PowerPoint, you can click the
Back button ( ) in the Research task pane.
You can also choose another topic in the Research
task pane.
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