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Working with Word templates
Working with Word templates
A template in Word 2007 is a re-usable format for a document. Microsoft Office
Word 2007 templates contain sample content, formatting, and objects that can be
used to quickly and easily create a new document. Word 2007 has a number of new
key features such as content controls, targeted at developers, which will help you
build more elegant and robust solutions.
Some of the key features include:
XML data : Microsoft Office 2007 application provides wide support for XML
format data widely. Microsoft Office InfoPath is a good example, in that its
data is managed in the XML format.
XML mapping : Microsoft Office 2007 features are mapped with XML. For
example, the new Ribbon menu and the controls in the InfoPath are both
mapped with the XML.
Content control : Content controls are new controls that are used to manage
data inside a Word document.
If you regularly create documents that contain a bunch of specific formatting, but not
necessarily the same text, you can save yourself considerable time if you create Word
templates to be used as the basis of future documents. Word templates can contain
formatting, styles, headers, footers, and macros, in addition to dictionaries, toolbars,
and autotext entries.
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