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Actions Pane: Document-level customization
Microsoft Office Word 2007 has a wide variety of built-in templates for Office
application users. The previous image represents the existing templates available
in Microsoft Office Word 2007.
Actions Pane: Document-level
The Actions Pane is the customizable part of the document that is put together in a
specific Microsoft Office Word 2007 document. Action Panes provide a convenient
way for developers to introduce custom UIs into Office applications. Custom Actions
Panes can be created and programmed using VSTO and Visual Studio 2008. You can
program for events in the document to show and hide controls on the Actions Pane,
and use HTML and CSS to create rich user interfaces inside a Word application in
order to provide the user with an easily-accessible layout.
The Custom Actions Pane is very different from the Custom Task Pane,
even though they sound very similar. The Custom Task Pane is associated
with application-level solutions, and the Custom Actions Pane is
associated with document-level solutions.
Let's create a simple example of a Custom Actions Pane. Here, you are going to add a
TextBox control to the Actions Pane and set the value for the TextBox property.
Creating a Custom Actions Pane for Microsoft
Custom Actions Pane for Microsoft
Actions Pane for Microsoft
Office Word 2007
The following steps will create a Custom Actions Pane for Microsoft Office Word 2007:
1. Open Visual Studio 2008 to create a new Word 2007 Document
template project.
2. Select New Project Under Office , select 2007 and then select the Word 2007 .
Document template and name the project as you wish.
3. Next, you need to select the document type, and name the document for
your solution.
4. The solution will be created with all of the required supporting files for our
development of the Word solution.
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