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Managing the Actions Pane
5. Write the following program to create a document in Microsoft Office Word
2007, inside the ThisDocument.cs file.
// Initializing the TextBox control to use in Actions Pane
TextBox VSTOTextBox = new TextBox();
private void ThisDocument_Startup(object sender,
System.EventArgs e)
// Set the text property for the TextBox control
VSTOTextBox.Text = "Say Hello to Actions Pane User";
// Add the TextBox control to the ActionsPane
// On document load ActionsPane is shown
The resulting Actions Pane is shown in the document pane, with the TextBox
control added to Actions Pane. The following screenshot shows the Actions
Pane in the document with added textbox control:
Managing the Actions Pane
Actions Panes are not simply sliding windows that hold some controls and objects.
Actions Panes consist of layers of containers. You can manage the position and size
of each Actions Pane in Word 2007. You can even manipulate the controls present in
an Actions Pane. Actions Panes support Windows form control to allow the design
of custom Actions Panes.
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