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Task Pane: Application-level customization
Adding and executing the preceding code results in the following screenshot:
While Task Panes can be customized as per user requirements and
needs, Custom Task Panes give you a way to create your own Task
Pane that provides users with a well-known interface to access your
solution's features.
The Task Pane design also includes the three main design options:
Design templates that include HTML layouts for Task Pane
Color schemes that provide a way of creating a rich look and feel for
Task Panes
Animation schemes that let you do things such as adding animated files
through the Windows Form control or through HTML elements
Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the 2007 Microsoft Office system opened up the
Task Pane to developers in a new way; it enabled developers to add Windows forms
controls to the task pane and interact with the active document through the host's
object model.
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