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Word host controls
The preceding image gives us an overview of the Word 2007 host items and the host
controls of the Word document. Each host item can host more than one host control
for the document. Each and every host control will expose events, objects, and data
binding properties for the Word 2007 customization.
Host items have a few programmatic limitations. At the document level, we can
have only one host item. That is, we cannot add programmatically to the document.
Also, document-level host items can be created only at design time. Host items have
designers, which act as the visual representation of the classes. Host items act as the
containers for the controls, such as host controls and Windows form controls. Host
items provide a means for displaying data by Word document class.
Word host controls
VSTO 3.0 extends data binding to Office solutions by enabling programmers to bind
data to objects such as bookmarks, ranges, and so on. These objects are called host
controls; they are controls that apply to a given application. Host controls are based
on native Office objects. Enriched host controls extend Office object models, offer
great flexibility in data binding, and enhance event model features. Host controls are
also called Office-specific controls .
host controls
Word host controls extend the host application (Word) object model to provide
new functionality or to improve programmability. Word host controls are part
of Word 2007 application customizations, and support both document-level and
application-level customizations.
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