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Data binding to host controls
4. The solution will be created with all of the supporting files necessary for the
development of our Word solution.
Within the document, draw a table with two rows and four columns, as
shown in the following screenshot:
6. Next, we need to add a data source to our Word 2007 document solution. In
Visual Studio 2008, under the Data menu select Add New Data Source .
7. The Data Source Configuration wizard will appear with Database Service , ,
and Objects as your Data Source options .
8. Select Database , and click the Next button to proceed.
9. Now, the wizard will take you to the Choose Your Data Connection screen.
Click on the New Connection button to proceed.
10. On the New Connection screen, select the Data Source and Data Provider ,
and test the connection. As soon as the testing process has completed, the
new connection information will be automatically added to your connection
drop-down list.
11. Next, save the connection string to the application configuration file,
enter the connection string that you want to appear in the application
configuration file, and proceed by clicking Next .
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