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Data binding to host controls
14. Depending upon the data items, the Data Source items will be mapped
to the corresponding controls by default. These mappings can be changed
to other controls later, as per our requirement. By default, all of the data
items in our Data Source are mapped to PlainTextContentControl . Next,
drag-and-drop the data item from the Data Source to the position in the
document where you want it to be displayed.
15. Let's change the default control for our data items. In our example, we'll
change the Professional data item from PlainTextContentControl to
Bookmark . To do this, select the data item, and a drop-down menu with a
button will appear on it. When you click on this button, you will see the list
of controls that are available to be mapped to our data item.
16. Run the solution to see the result. The first record in the database
will be displayed in the table inside the document, as shown in the
following screenshot:
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