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Data binding to host controls
// Message with Yes/No option to proceed
myResult = MessageBox.Show("Do you want to UnLock?",
"Edit Address?", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo,
MessageBoxIcon.Question, MessageBoxDefaultButton.
Button2, MessageBoxOptions.DefaultDesktopOnly, false);
// If you select the no it will remain in lock mode and display
the content
if (myResult == DialogResult.Yes)
ptAddressCtrl.LockContentControl = false;
The results of addition of this code, can be seen in the following screenshot:
Complex data binding
In simple data binding, a single property of the control is bound to a single value in
the data model, for example, binding a value to the TextBox controls text property.
With complex data binding, you bind a control to a collection of data items. For
example, a datagrid/dataview control binds to a dataset that is a collection of
data items. This is the main difference between simple data binding and complex
data binding.
Complex data binding works best with new data management concepts and
technologies, and the most modern data management technology in .NET is LINQ
Language Integrated Query ). VSTO 3.0 supports LINQ for data management and (
manipulation for the development of Office application solutions.
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