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var qLetterWords = textWords.FindAll(x => (x.Length >= 2));
// Insert in the word using selection objects
this.Application.Selection.InsertAfter("\n Character Count:
" + charCount + "\n Word Count: " + qLetterWords.Count);
Run the solution from Visual Studio, to insert the text into the Word
document, as shown in the following screenshot:
Complex data binding works with new data management concepts and technologies.
VSTO 3.0 also supports LINQ for data management and manipulation for the
development of Office application solution. In the above demonstration for complex
data binding, using LINQ in Word 2007 document solution provides you with
a demonstration of how extensive VSTO 3.0 is, supporting the creation of Office
applications for every business need.
Microsoft Office Word 2007 is a powerful authoring tool that gives you the ability to
create and share documents. Advanced integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint
Server 2007 and new XML-based file formats make Microsoft Office Word 2007 the
ideal choice for building integrated document management solutions, by providing
users with an enterprise collaboration solution, managing the content and data in a
centralized system. Microsoft Office Word 2007 helps information workers to create
professional-looking content more quickly than ever before.
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