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Ribbon menu
Microsoft Office Word 2007 has a variety of new features that help users to create
and manage more specific documents for their needs. But Microsoft Office Word
2007 window can be confusing to users who are familiar with the previous versions
of Microsoft Office Word. Apart from the new features and functionality, Microsoft
Office 2007 has come up with customization options for most of the features,
including the Quick Access Toolbar, Shortcut Keys, AutoCorrect, Status Bar,
Menus, Watermark, Document themes, and the Ribbon.
To make life easier for your users, you can now extensively customize the Word
2007 interface. This customization can be achieved in two ways—first, through
the Microsoft Office Word 2007 user interface tools (which can be done even by
end-users) and, second, by programming in the .NET and VSTO platforms.
Ribbon menu
In Microsoft Office Word 2007, all of the, classic, menus have been replaced by
a new style of menu called the Ribbon. Microsoft describes the Ribbon in the
following way:
The Ribbon replaces the current system of layered menus, toolbars, and task panes
with a simpler system of interfaces optimized for efficiency and discoverability.
New users may find it a little harder to locate what they are looking for in the Ribbon
menu, because they are new to this style of interface. If you have existing Word
macros that use menus or toolbars, they will usually work in Office 2007; but the
implementation is not attractive.
The previous image shows the default Ribbon menu options in Word 2007. Even
though everyone seems to hate the Ribbon, there are many nice features. The Ribbon
menu is more advantageous than the old menu because it brings all of the features
of Office 2007 directly to the users. The Ribbon menu also brings a better visual
representation to the user, in order to identify the menu that they are searching for.
Although the Ribbon is larger than the old menu system, it doesn't seem to take
anymore UI space in the Word document, as the new Ribbon effectively replaces
the menu bar, floating palettes, and toolbars.
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