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In Depth Information
The following table provides a quick overview of the child elements of the Quick
Access Toolbar in Office 2007:
Need for the Object
Generic control object that can represent other
objects such as a button, splitButton
Built-in button control
Separator control
Microsoft has made the most extensive and, arguably, the most constructive set
of changes to Word 2007 over the previous versions. This chapter provided an
overview of Microsoft Office Word 2007, and how it can be enhanced using VSTO
3.0. This chapter brings out the best part for all Office application developers using
VSTO 3.0 and Visual Studio 2008.
Visual Studio 2008 has made the Word 2007 programming environment easier
and faster for business enhancement. You can still assign custom functions to any
command or macro through coding. You have learned the important objects of
Word 2007. You have learned the concepts of document-level and application-level
customization. You have learned, with examples, how to develop custom Actions
Panes and Task Panes.
Finally, we explored the use of controls in a Word document, and learned how
to add these controls at design time, bind them to data, and how to create them
dynamically at run time. You have learned simple and complex data binding in
Word 2007, with the help of sample code.
We then took a closer look at how to add host controls to a document host item,
both at design time and at run time. You have learned about menus and Ribbon
customization in Word 2007. We also looked at some of the special features of
VSTO 3.0 such as host items, host controls, and the Ribbon.
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