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Chapter 4: Microsoft Office Excel Programming
Microsoft Office Excel
Before we begin the chapter, let's see where you will stand once you complete reading
this chapter on Microsoft Office Excel programming. Beginning with programming
in Excel 2007 using VSTO 3.0 and proceeding with programming concepts, you
will learn how to manipulate data inside Excel. Later, you will learn the concepts
of workbook manipulation and worksheet manipulation, with code samples. When
programming in the Excel 2007, the object model plays an important role. You will
learn the most important and widely used objects, with the help of demonstrations.
In this chapter, you will learn:
Excel 2007 in Visual Studio 2008, including how to start an Excel solution in
Visual Studio 2008
Excel 2007 solution: the object model, and the object model functional area
Data and worksheet manipulation in Excel 2007
Data processing with Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Working with ranges, cell unions, named ranges, and so on
Working with host items in Excel, and charts
Customization using host controls in Excel
Working with regular expressions, formulae, and smart tags
Worksheet protection in Excel 2007
Word content control support in Excel is one of the key features that every Office
developer has to learn; all of these details will be dealt in this chapter more precisely.
Programmatically creating and managing Excel smart tags using VSTO and Excel
formulas will enhance your Excel with VSTO programming knowledge. Finally,
you will learn the regular expression and workbook protection concepts in
Excel programming.
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