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Programming in Excel
Microsoft Office Excel is the most frequently-used Microsoft application and one of
the leading spreadsheet programs available. A spreadsheet program is a program
that uses a huge grid to display data in rows and columns. The spreadsheet program
can then be used to do calculation, data manipulation, and various similar tasks,
against this data.
Programming in Excel
in Excel
Microsoft Office Excel is one of the powerful Office tools that provides
uncomplicated data management. It is loaded with features such as graphing,
charting, pivot tables, and calculation. Even though Excel is loaded with numerous
features for users, there may be some functionality that cannot be achieved by
using the standard Microsoft Excel environment. In Microsoft Office Excel 2007,
automation is a great mechanism for populating business documents (for example,
reports) with data from backend system. This can be achieved by using VSTO 3.0
and Visual Studio 2008. Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is more programmable than
ever before with support for Visual Studio Tools for Office.
VSTO is aimed at Microsoft Office Excel users who want to develop Excel-based
applications for other Microsoft Office Excel users. VSTO 3.0 is shipped with all
of the newly-enhanced Excel objects, including improved features for building
Microsoft Office based solutions.
VSTO 3.0 is loaded with new features, including support for Windows form controls
from within Microsoft Office tools customization. It provides the support for using
.NET frameworks, objects and classes for Microsoft Office tools customization. For
example, System.Data is the .NET frameworks object that can be used inside
the Excel solution to process database operations. This new feature is tightly
integrated with the Visual Studio 2008 IDE and gives you the comfort of design
time customization of Excel documents for data display and UI customization.
Similar to other Microsoft Office Tools, with Microsoft Office Excel 2007 customization
using VSTO 3.0, you have two levels of customization—document-level customization
and application-level customization. Document-level customization is a solution
created for document-level programming and is specific to the document that is
part of that particular solution. Application-level customization is a solution created
for application-level programming and is specific to the application, and therefore
common to all documents based on that application.
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