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The ChartSheet host item
Once the code is executed, you'll get a confirmation message in a message box, as
shown in the following screenshot:
The ChartSheet host item
host item
A ChartSheet host item is a worksheet in an Excel workbook that presents
information in the form of charts and graphs. The ChartSheet host item contains
only charts, and exposes some events. You cannot add any controls inside the
ChartSheet host item even though it is a worksheet in an Excel workbook. The
ChartSheet host item works as a holder for components.
In a document-level customization project, you cannot create host items at run
time. Another limitation is that when you create a new worksheet host item at run
time using the add method, you get a native Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel
worksheet object rather than a Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel worksheet host
item. There are numerous events exposed in the ChartSheet host item. You will see
some of these events in the following sample code.
Let's see a demonstration of the MouseUp event of the ChartSheet host item.
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