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Excel host controls
The Excel host items are loaded with many features that help Office developers to
build optimized Excel solutions. Even though the Excel host item has many features,
it has a few drawbacks when using Excel host items for programming.
Excel host controls
The member variables of the base classes that are created when you add bookmarks,
named ranges, list objects, and so on to Excel are called as host controls in the Excel
object model. VSTO has improved a number of objects in the Excel 2007 object
model, such as the capability to bind data to an object. You can also expose the
object's events. These objects are called Excel host items and Excel host controls.
Microsoft .NET-friendly classes, which are built on top of the native Office objects,
are meant to be host controls. Some Office developers refer to these controls as the
content controls of Excel. These controls provide you with a wide variety of data
formatting, and give fine development control to developers, in order to provide
better presentation of data for Excel users.
host controls
In general, host controls have some basic functionality, as Office objects are based on
some enhanced features, such as richer event models and data binding capabilities.
The host controls can be added to and deleted from your Excel documents
programmatically. Host controls are of the type Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel and
the corresponding native objects are of the type Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel .
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