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Creating Excel smart tags with VSTO
// The selected cell address is updated in a cell
Globals.Sheet1.Range["B2", missing].Value2 =
The following screenshot shows the results of adding and executing the
preceding code:
Creating Excel smart tags with VSTO
Smart tags are intended to identify particular data and then provide the action
options available based on the data type identified. The actions are available via
a button that becomes visible close to the cell that contains the data. The button is
displayed when the cell is activated, or whenever you move the mouse pointer over
the cell.
Smart tags are one of the most useful features that have been enhanced in VSTO
3.0. VSTO smart tags are much easier to use and easy to understand. You can easily
customize the actions more strongly than with standard texts. Another good feature
is that you have access to the Range object of the standard texts.
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