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Chapter 1: Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO)
Visual Studio Tools for
Office (VSTO)
VSTO is a framework for the development of solutions for Microsoft Office tools.
By using VSTO and what is known as managed code, developers can build Office
solutions. Before we begin the chapter, let us see an overview of what we are going
to cover in this chapter. This topic is for Office Developers using Visual Studio Tools
for Office. This chapter will make you comfortable with Visual Studio Tools for
Office 3.0. We will be covering:
What is Microsoft VSTO?
Why do we need VSTO 3.0?
New features added in VSTO 3.0 as compared with the older version
The architecture of VSTO and the tools' approaches
Infrastructural setup—system requirements, installation, and so on
How VSTO is integrated with Visual Studio 2008, and its integrated design
and debugging features
New features in the next version of VSTO, and how VSTO can be
further improved
VSTO helps you to build document-level solutions, where a solution is specific
to the document for which it is deployed. You can build application-level
solutions by using the application-level add-in for your solution development.
The application-level add-in is accessible to all of the documents processed
through that particular application.
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