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Customization using VSTO
The result will be similar to what is shown in the following screenshot:
Outlook 2007 object models are categorized and mapped correspondingly. The
following Outlook object models hold all of Outlook's objects for programming in
their corresponding object model categories: Items object model, Navigation bars
and Outlook bars object model, Rules object model, and Views object model. In the
Application object model hierarchy, the Application object
is the parent of all other Outlook objects.
Customization using VSTO
Most enterprise business applications are loaded with a wide variety of features for
users. Even though these applications have a wide range of features, many business
requirements can be fulfilled only through customization because not all applications
are designed to it each and every enterprise's special needs. Customization for most
of the application is a tough job to execute.
Outlook 2007 is loaded with a wide variety of features that will satisfy a broad range
of user categories. Some organizations need more functionality and features to be
added, so that the application will satisfy their custom business requirements. VSTO
3.0 helps Office developers to customize and enhance the Outlook 2007 application
as per the user's business requirements.
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