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Menus in Outlook
Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 supports other Microsoft Office tools such
as InfoPath and Excel, in order to provide seamless collaboration.
VSTO provides an easy way to create an application-level add-in for Outlook 2007
using Visual Studio 2008. Creating add-ins for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 has
been more complex to work out, but VSTO 3.0 offers Office developers with project
templates in Visual Studio 2008 to allow them to create add-ins for Outlook 2007.
Adding to the project templates, VSTO offers great support for development and
deployment, which improves the development work. This provides .NET framework
support for Outlook 2007 add-in programming, which includes class library support,
controlled exception handling, memory management, extensibility, ClickOnce
deployment, and so on.
Menus in Outlook
in Outlook
A group of commands or lists of options from which you can choose your desired
operation is known as a menu. Most of the latest applications are menu driven.
Microsoft Office Outlook, which is a menu-driven application, provides the user
with an easy lowing UI for user interaction. Most of the menu-driven applications
will provide you with basic customization such as choosing the menu for the default
view of the application, and so on.
In Microsoft Office, all menus and toolbars are CommandBars. A
CommandBar is a static collection shared by all Windows. There are
standard toolbars, menu bars, context menus, and so on. A small add-in
enumerates and displays all Microsoft Outlook CommandBars.
Likewise, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 provides the option for a user to customize
the menus. VSTO 3.0 provides Office developers with the ability to build custom
menus and customize the existing menus using the .NET framework and support
a programming language. You can even rebuild the classic menu style for Outlook
2007 by using the VSTO 3.0 application level add-ins development.
Let's create a custom menu in the menu bar of the Outlook and add a new item to
the menu. This way, you will get to know about custom menu development for
Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.
Open Visual Studio 2008 and create a new solution, as described in the
previous example.
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