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Outlook form regions support
The CommandBars object helps you to build variants of toolbars to your Outlook
2007 application's user interface. Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 is the only tool
in the Microsoft Office 2007 family to support both standard toolbars and the
new Ribbon in their UI.
Outlook form regions support
Before the release of Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, Outlook forms were the only
option for creating a custom UI. In Outlook 2007, you have a new feature called form
regions. Form regions are a new way of customizing the Outlook. Form regions are
the added feature of the UI in the standard Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. Form
regions will add custom functionality–they will build a new range of options in
the UI for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.
When you work with standard forms, you can see that all Outlook items have a
MessageClass property that determines the type of objects you're working on, for
example, contact, appointment, task, email, post, or journal entry. All of the standard
forms are stored in the standard forms library. Form regions are the replacement
for the standard forms, to display the custom reading pane, and add new pages to
Outlook. In form regions, the controls can be bound to the Outlook properties.
Outlook forms bring you a new design with the support of .NET controls, in order
to easily integrate with your Visual Studio Designer and provide code templates and
debugging options.
1. Open Visual Studio 2008, to create a new Outlook 2007 Add-in
template project.
2. Select New Project . Under Office select 2007 and select Outlook 2007 Add-in
template and name the project as per your requirement.
3. The solution will be created with all of supporting files required for the
development of our Outlook solution.
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