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What is Microsoft VSTO?
What is Microsoft VSTO?
VSTO is a platform for Microsoft Office solution development, built on top of .NET
framework. The latest release is version 3.0. Starting with VSTO 3.0, developers have
integrated Office clients into the Visual Studio designer and the .NET layers on top of
the native object models.
Visual Studio 2008
VSTO 3.0
.NET Framework
The image above represents how VSTO has been integrated with the Visual Studio
2008 environment. Now, the term "Office solutions" appears a lot. You may have
questions like—"What exactly, is an Office solution anyway? What kind of Office
solutions can be developed using VSTO?". Let's answer these questions.
An Office solution is a solution developed for Microsoft Office applications,
including Word, Excel, InfoPath, Access, or PowerPoint. With the help of VSTO,
developers can build Office solutions using what is known as managed code .
Managed code is program code that executes under the supervision of a .NET
Framework Common Language Runtime. Programs in any programming language
can be compiled using either managed or unmanaged code. Code that is built
on the .NET framework is meant to be managed code. Managed code brings
easy deployment to your VSTO solution, as compared to VBA Visual Basic for (
Applications ). VBA is a programming combination of Visual Basic associated with
an integrated development environment for Microsoft Office applications.
Unlike VSTO, VBA doesn't support programming languages. VSTO gives you
the full support of a programming language to build Microsoft Office solutions.
VSTO helps you to build a secure and safe solution for your Office application. All of
the VBA scripts will be stored inside the document for which you are programming,
while VSTO brings you the new concept called document-level solutions and
application-level solutions.
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