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Outlook form regions support
Once you are done creating the Outlook form region, run the solution. The
new form region will appear as shown in the following screenshot:
10. We can also write a program to display the current contact item's email
address in the form region. Open the FormRegion1.cs file and write the
following code inside the FormRegionShowing event:
// Occurs before the form region is displayed
// Use this.OutlookItem to get a reference to the current
Outlook item
// Use this.OutlookFormRegion to get a reference to the
form region
private void FormRegion1_FormRegionShowing(object sender,
System.EventArgs e)
// Verify the current Outlook item is Outlook contact item
if (this.OutlookItem is Outlook.ContactItem)
// Get reference through the Outlook contact item
Outlook.ContactItem PacktMailContactItem = (Outlook.
// Message box displayed while you click the form region
button in the Ribbon
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