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MessageBox.Show("This form region to display: " +
// The listview control displays the current contacts
display email
The addition and execution of the preceding code results in the following screenshot:
One of the key advantages of form regions is that you can use themed controls that
match the look of standard Outlook forms in Outlook 2007, and you also have easy
access to new controls for date and time picking, and time zones. Form regions
will help you to build custom contact forms, meeting invitees, and enhanced UI for
Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. Outlook 2007 also contains a huge number of new
form controls that offer the business logic and performance that users expect from
Outlook forms.
Manipulation is an essential element for the efficient development of a reliable
solution to satisfy any kind of business need. Manipulation plays the most important
role in customization and development of any kind of solution for mature enterprise
applications. The primary part of manipulation is the data. Microsoft Office
Outlook 2007 allows a wide range of data item manipulation methods inside the
application—you can manipulate mail items, contact items, folders in Outlook, and
so on. Let's see some examples of manipulation.
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