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Creating a Ribbon menu for Outlook 2007
Adding and executing the preceding code results in the following output:
Outlook 2007 data interaction with Microsoft SQL
interaction with Microsoft SQL
with Microsoft SQL
Server 2008
Microsoft presents a programming interface for synchronizing data from an external
data source with the Outlook data file dedicated to storing data from that source.
As you know, VSTO 3.0 is powerful enough to use features of the .NET technology.
Linking the Outlook contacts in a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database is one of the
key features available for Outlook users. Working with your Outlook contacts in a
database will keep you informed of changes to Outlook contacts and vice versa.
Let's see how to make your Outlook 2007 application interact with a relational
database management system, for example, Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Let's
consider a scenario where you want to import all of the contact information for
your friends or colleagues that is currently managed in a Microsoft SQL Server
2008 database.
Open Visual Studio 2008 and create a new solution, as described earlier.
You need to know about the database, and the details of the tables that
you are going to import into your contact folder. You can see the table
information that is used in this demonstration in the following images:
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