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Creating a Ribbon menu for Outlook 2007
3. Let's write a program to establish effective communication with the Microsoft
SQL Server 2008 database table, and import the information to Outlook
2007's contact folder, by using the C# programming language and VSTO.
private void ThisAddIn_Startup(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
// Instantiated datatable, used to read the loaded data
DataTable PacktDataTable = new DataTable();
// Opening SQL connection for Microsoft SQL Server 2008
SqlConnection PacktSQLConnection = new SqlConnection(@"Data
Source=WINNER;Initial Catalog=PacktPub;Integrated
// Passing SQL command text and SQL connection information
SqlCommand PacktSQLCommand = new SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM
Contacts", PacktSQLConnection);
// Open the SQL connection through Open method
// SQL reader to read through data from Database
SqlDataReader PacktSQLReader = PacktSQLCommand.
// Load the read data to datatable
// Now close the datareader
// Get the contact folder loaded using MAPIFolder object
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