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Data caching
Data caching
Data caching, simply put, is storing data in memory for quick access. A Microsoft
Office Word document or Excel workbook has a hidden control rooted inside it
called the Runtime Storage Control , which stores cached data. VSTO provides
data-caching capabilities as well as a ServerDocument class in C# that can be used
by an application external to Office (for example, the Winform application) to
manipulate the data cache without accessing the object model of Word or Excel.
Feature customization
VSTO 3.0 gives you great control in being able to customize Office applications
with reusable classes. Unlike VBA developers, VSTO developers are not limited
to the VBA function library. VSTO provides a wide variety of classes, objects, and
events to build business solutions for Microsoft Office. Using VSTO, developers can
customize features for Office applications. These can be as simple as a button on the
application's Command bar or adding custom task panes, or as complex as a data
report template with access to different data sources.
User Interface customization
VSTO provides Windows Forms controls that help you to develop a rich User
Interface UI) for your Office solution. By using a wide variety of control sets,
VSTO developers can build rich data views for users. Each and every type of
Windows Forms control has its own set of properties, methods, and events that
make it suitable for different needs.
VSTO makes it easy to build rich User Interfaces by using controls inside the
document and the Task Pane. For instance, you can create an animated one-button
command to generate a form letter. For example, say a company has data content
stored in its server, and a user wants to refer some content from the server while
working in the document and without disturbing the current document view.
Using VSTO, you can make the server content available inside the Task Pane of
the document without interfering with the user's current work.
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