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Smart tags
Smart tags
New for VSTO 3.0 and Office 2007, smart tags are strings that an Office application
recognizes in a document. With Smart tags enabled, Microsoft Office Word attempts
to recognize certain types of data in a document, visually indicated by a purple,
dotted underline. Clicking on a smart tag brings up a list of possible actions for that
particular data type. VSTO provides object models to Office developers, which can
be used to create smart tags for documents and workbooks.
WPF support
Windows Presentation Foundation WPF ) controls is a technology product of (
Microsoft Corporation. WPF can be used to build a rich and attractive look and feel
for the user. WPF can be used in VSTO development environment, which supports
C# programming, whereas VBA lacks this support. VSTO's visual designer supports
the use of Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation controls. WPF
provides a reliable programming model for building client-based and web-based
applications, and presents a clear separation between the business logic and the UI.
Visual designers
VSTO provides visual designers for Office applications such as Word 2007, Excel
2007, and others that appear inside the Visual Studio IDE Integrated Development (
Environment ). Creating a form in the Visual Studio IDE is as easy as dragging and
dropping the form into the Microsoft Office document. Developers gain access to
many tools and features in Visual Studio's IDE, such as IntelliSense (Microsoft's
implementation of auto completion in the Visual Studio IDE), drag and drop
controls, and data sources. VSTO also provides the Ribbon Visual Designer that
lets you customize the Office Ribbon and program it by using a simple .NET
application-like programming model. The following image explains how
IntelliSense helps developers using Visual Studio IDE.
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