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Adding shapes to a document at runtime
The dynamically-created Visio document, as a result of executing this code, can be
seen in the following screenshot:
Adding shapes to a document at runtime
Microsoft Office Visio supports drawing shapes in the document. In Visio, shapes
represent objects and meaningful concepts. A line, 2-D shapes, or even complex
calendars are represented as shapes in the Visio application. Each and every shape
has its own behavior corresponding to its drawing type.
Zack is facing a new problem now. He wants to prove the ability of VSTO
customization for Visio 2007. His manager is not convinced of VSTO's ability to create
shapes, add them to the document, and change their properties at runtime. Zack has
to show him the capability of VSTO over Visio 2007. He has created an example to
show his manager how to add shapes to the Visio document dynamically.
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