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Creating a Commandbar
PacktShape2.Text = "Packt Shape Two";
// Set the theme color for the Shapes in the active page
Application.ActivePage.ThemeColors = Visio.VisThemeColors.
// Set the theme effect for the Shapes in the active page
Application.ActivePage.ThemeEffects = Visio.
On executing this code, you get the following output:
Creating a Commandbar
The Commandbar is the main control panel for most of the functions available in the
application. The Commandbar is easily accessible and is visible near the top of the
applications screen. VSTO objects help you to customize your existing Commandbar,
or build your own custom Commandbar, for Visio 2007.
In this example, you are going to learn how to create a new custom Commandbar
and add a button to it, enabling a click event for the button.
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