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Programming Project 2007
The CommandBar that we created by adding the preceding code can be seen in the
following screenshot:
Programming Project 2007
Project 2007
Microsoft Office Project is a specialized project management application that stores
and manages a large volume of data related to your project. This, data can include
the project name, description, tasks and durations, project resource names, calendars,
assignments, costs, milestones, and more. Project managers use Microsoft Office
Project to enter, save, and update project information. They can then send updated
project information such as assignments or task updates to specific resources.
Microsoft Office Project 2007 provides you with excellent project management
features, through easy-to-use management tools and flexible working tools. By
using Microsoft Office Project 2007, project management is made simpler for project
managers. Managers can track and examine projects effectively with an enhanced
view of the schedule and the supporting functionality to manage it.
VSTO provides application-level solution development and customization for
Microsoft Office Project 2007. You can create application-level add-ins for Microsoft
Office Project 2007 using Visual Studio 2008.
Open Visual Studio 2008, to create a new Project 2007 Add-in template project.
Select New Project . Under Office select 2007 , and then choose the Project
Add-in template and name the project as per your requirements.
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