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VSTO solutions developed for an Office system are easier to maintain. Updating the
deployed solutions, changing the code, and updating a single assembly will help
more resources doing the same thing in multiple copies of the same documents. All
of the code will reside inside the assembly—a partially-compiled code library that
contains the logical unit of code inside it as a single dynamic link library ( .dll ) file.
With macros, the script resided inside the Office documents. Whenever you wanted
to update the code, you had to modify every single document that contained it. With
VSTO 3.0, managing application-level add-ins can be done by simply changing the
code and updating the single assembly, instead of doing the same thing for multiple
copies of the same document.
What's new in VSTO 3.0?
VSTO 3.0 is loaded with a wide variety of new features, and reloaded with
enhancements of some of the key existing features. VSTO 3.0's new features target
Microsoft Office 2007 (Office 12) tools with new functionalities and enhanced existing
features. Let's list some of the key new features that are available in VSTO 3.0 that
improve Office solution development work:
Document-level customizations : Document-level customizations are
customized solutions that reside in a single document. Document-level
customization using VSTO is one of the key features added in this new
version of VSTO. VSTO supports document-level solutions for Microsoft
Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, and Microsoft Office InfoPath.
Application level add-ins : Application level add-ins are created as a
managed code assembly using VSTO that will be loaded when the relevant
Microsoft Office application is launched. VSTO 3.0 provides access to .NET
objects and controls that you can program directly.
Visual Designers for Ribbons : Ribbons are the new way of organizing
related commands. Visually, they appear as controls. Visual Designer
provides advanced tools and supports developers in creating and designing
custom Ribbons more easily.
Task Panes : The Task Pane helps users to access information quickly
and more conveniently. Task Panes can be shown or hidden in the Office
application user interface depending on the user's preference.
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