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Form regions : Form regions are new ways to customize the user interface of
the standard Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. For instance, VSTO 3.0 provides
a Windows Forms-based design and development environment, in Visual
Studio 2008. This allows Office developers to design and code the new
Outlook form regions in single development environment and brings
most of the Windows Forms to the hosting environment of Outlook.
Workflow support : VSTO provides visual designer support for developers to
create Workflows using Visual Studio 2008. A Wizard option is used to create
Workflows and directly assign these to the deployment location.
SharePoint support : New objects in VSTO help developers to program
in Office applications for SharePoint. You can extend your Office client
applications using VSTO and integrate them with a SharePoint Portal into
an enterprise solution such as Customer Relationship Management, Supply
Chain Management, and other similar applications.
Deployment using ClickOnce : New for VSTO 3, ClickOnce deployment
technology allows Windows-based applications to be deployed and run with
minimal user interaction. The security zone will limit the permissions and
actions for applications that are deployed using ClickOnce technology.
Word content controls : Content controls are containers within which specific
types of content, such as dates, lists, pictures, or text, can be placed.
Rich user interface controls : Office solutions can be built with rich and
easy-to-access user interfaces. For instance, you can create an actions pane
with windows controls, which has data interaction with other data sources
in the actions pane.
Support for other Office applications : There is even a complex object
model for Visio, which is somewhat different from the other Office
applications, and can be challenging to understand. In Visio, each shape is
represented as an object that you drag-and-drop onto the page from stencils.
Understanding and manipulating these objects is the key to creating Visio
applications solution.
Stencils are collections of Visio shapes that you can add to your drawings,
and that are contained in a Visio file.
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