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Application-oriented approach
A point to note is that the document-oriented approach will apply to most, but not
all, Office 2007 applications.
Application-oriented approach
VSTO 3.0 is capable of creating application-oriented approaches for all of the
applications in the Office 2007 suite. You can create and implement add-ins that
add a wide range of functionalities and features to your Office application. The
application-oriented approach replaces VBA, and adds new features such as
add-ins for 2007 Microsoft Office applications that support enterprise solution
development using VSTO. Furthermore, the approach supports the six applications
in the 2007 Microsoft Office system, along with the tools and enhanced application
programming interfaces API s) for customizing the Ribbon UI and creating custom (
task panes and add-ins. An API is a set of declarations of the functions or procedures
provided in order to support requests made by computer programs.
VSTO development and deployment
The VSTO system 3.0 Runtime, which is the primary requirement to run the Office
2007 solutions, is built on VSTO. More importantly, the VSTO 3.0 is built into the
Visual Studio 2008 installer. Service pack 1 for Visual Studio 2008 is available for
users, which will improve the Visual Studio performance, and ix unknown bugs.
The following VSTO related bug that used to load VSTO-derived Outlook Addins,
was also fixed in Service Pack 1— AddinLoader.DLL , is not signed. This DLL
MUST be signed so as to enable Outlook to load any add-in developed under
VSTO 2005, when user sets Macro security to High and Trust installed addins... ,
is NOT selected.
Creating Office applications through
VSTO is included in the Visual Studio 2008 release, which is a set of related libraries
and designers for developing applications, along with add-ins for Microsoft Office
2003 and 2007. Microsoft has bundled VSTO 3.0 with Visual Studio 2008 for the
first time, which also represents a considerable step forward in the development
environment. Previously, developers had to install Visual Studio and VSTO
separately in order to build a development environment. Also, it was necessary
to perform manual configuration in order to enable debugging for Office solutions.
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