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VSTO development environment
The preceding image represents Office 2007 and its extensibility using VSTO 3.0.
All of the extensible features of VSTO 3.0 are not common to all of the Office 2007
applications. For example, application-level add-ins are not supported by Access
2007, and custom task panes are not supported by Visio 2007. VSTO documents
contain a deployment manifest. The deployment manifest is an XML file that
contains a description of the ClickOnce deployment, including the identification
of and other information about the current ClickOnce application version that is to
be deployed. The location of the VSTO document assembly will be available inside
the document's deployment manifest. You can programmatically manipulate the
deployment manifest of a document.
VSTO development environment
VSTO 3.0 is not a separate installation package for Visual Studio 2008. VSTO 3.0
reduces the development installation effort for Office developers. While installing
Visual Studio 2008, VSTO 3.0 is installed along with the other frameworks and
needed components.
You must install the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 redistributable
package before installing the VSTO 3.0 Runtime. Developing and running
Office customizations built with VSTO 3.0 requires the latest version of
Microsoft Office 2007.
The VSTO Runtime is installed when installing the Microsoft VSTO 3.0
redistributable package, which is essential for developing and deploying Office
solutions using VSTO 3.0. A VSTO 3.0 redistributable package is the framework that
brings the power and productivity of Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET framework to
business solutions built on the Microsoft Office 2007 application.
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