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Visual Studio integration
VSTO 1.0
VSTO 2.0
VSTO 3.0
also known as VSTO 2003
also known as VSTO 2005 SE
also known as VSTO 2008
Full programming support for
Office 2000 and Office XP.
Full programming support for
Office 2003 and few limitations
for Office 2007.
Debugging is supported for
VSTO development in Visual
Studio, but developer has to
configure manually.
Started supporting Open XML.
Full programming support for
Office 2007.
Enhanced debugging support.
Automatically configured during
Visual designer for Ribbon
Wide range of new objects for
Office application customization.
Enhanced security concepts.
The preceding image explains the version history of VSTO, highlighting some of the
key differences between the versions. The current release of VSTO supports only
the programming languages VB.NET and C#. We can expect other programming
languages support in the next version of VSTO.
Visual Studio integration
VSTO 3.0 provides a visual representation of Office applications inside the
Visual Studio, in order to easily create a customized user interface. VSTO 3.0 is
well integrated with Visual Studio 2008, which provides the integrity for Office
developers to develop and deploy Microsoft Office solutions for Microsoft Office
tools. Visual Studio 2008 enables developers to build scalable Office business
applications, influence key Office UI features, support workflow, and create easier
deployments. Office development is a part of Visual Studio 2008 Professional
and later versions, which focuses mainly on the developers' compatibility and
maintainability assurances.
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