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Creating VSTO solutions
Visual Studio 2008
VSTO 3.0
Office 2007 Client Tools
The preceding image represents the development environment of the Office solution.
In this figure, the client represents the development environment machine; the VSTO
3.0 inside Visual Studio 2008 represents the VSTO integrated Visual Studio; Office
2007 Client tools are the Office applications, including Word, Excel, InfoPath, and
others, that should be installed in the client machine for development.
The development environment using Visual Studio 2008 is capable of creating
application-level, data-centric solutions with VSTO 3.0. The data-centric solutions
are the functionalities that are siginiicantly focused on data manipulation and
data storage.
The Visual Studio 2008 development environment makes it possible to develop
solutions with great design-time and runtime support for key Office 2007 System
features, such as the Ribbon, Custom Task Panes, document-level solutions, Outlook
forms regions, and so on.
The Ribbon is a new way of representing menu items in the Office application. In the
new development environment, you have a visual designer within which you can
drag-and-drop controls inside the Ribbon, and design your custom Ribbon menus
easily. Even for a data-related operation such as creating data connections, you have
a data connection wizard for easy creation of a data connection.
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