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Viewing IDE Windows
The preceding image represents how the Office project solution for Word 2007 has
been created in Visual Studio 2008. You can see all of the references listed as System.
AddIn, System.Core , and so on. These are loaded automatically as a part of the
project template. This provides the developer with easy-to-start programming by
eliminating the manual process of adding references and validating the solution.
Office developers can integrate business data into documents by using XML-based
data/view separation and programmability. For example, in InfoPath, you can easily
integrate business data with the InfoPath forms, and you can program the data of the
InfoPath, storing it as a separate file in XML format. You can also present the data in
different views, depending on how the user wants to see it, in the user interface. You
can develop solutions using the combined Outlook object model.
Viewing IDE Windows
Visual Studio is a fabulous Microsoft product designed especially for development
activities. It is one of the most widely-used development tools among developers
across the globe. It is built on an IDE, and enables developers to build different
types of applications using Microsoft technologies. IDE is a software application for
developing new software programs and applications that provides broad facilities to
programmers for software development.
In general, IDE consists of a source code editor, compilers, and debuggers. Most
readers will be familiar with the Visual Studio IDE. Visual Studio 2008 has an
appearance similar to previous IDEs, but with more enhancements. By default,
Microsoft Visual Studio IDE will provide you with IntelliSense, debugging,
compilers for .NET programming, access to control controls, and the ability
to build solutions. The latest enhancements such as visual designer for Ribbon,
drag-and-drop controls, and enhanced debugging for Office applications will
reduce the development time and increase the productivity of developers.
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