Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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The preceding image shows the visual designer for the Ribbon in Office solution
development, which simplifies the Ribbon development process for Office
developers by providing drag-and-drop controls and easy access to resources.
Similarly, Visual Studio 2008 simplifies and speeds up the development process
of the actions pane, document-specific Task Panes, creating application-specific
custom Task Panes, and Outlook Form Region Designer.
Debugging is one of the most important tasks in software development, and a
task that all developers will have run into many times in their programming lives.
Developers have several debugging alternatives available for debugging their .NET
applications that have DLL files in the Visual Studio IDE.
Visual Studio 2008 provides a strong set of build and debugging tools for Office
solution development using VSTO 3.0. This is a big improvement over VSTO 2.0,
which did not provide preconigured debugging options. During configuration of
the build, developers can select the components that they want to build, and exclude
those that they want to avoid for the current build. A developer has the flexibility to
build configurations for solutions as well as projects.
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