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Visual Studio 2008 InfoPath solution overview
When Microsoft launched the Visual Studio 2005 edition, they also released a toolkit
for InfoPath that allowed programmers to integrate Visual Studio and InfoPath, in
order to create managed code solutions for Microsoft Office applications. Managed
code is program code that executes under the supervision of a virtual environment.
Programs in any language can be compiled either into managed code or unmanaged
code. Here, the code built on a .NET framework is meant to be managed code.
The bottom line is that VSTO 3.0 is well-integrated with Visual Studio 2008. It
provides .NET platform developers with tools for building applications that
influence Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 (and other Microsoft Office programs,
such as Microsoft Excel 2007 and Microsoft Word 2007)—all in an environment
that matches the development, deployment, and security of live .NET applications.
Whenever you find that the features of the InfoPath form designer aren't robust
enough to get the job done, you can write scripted or managed code to create your
ideal InfoPath form. In Microsoft InfoPath, every control on a form must be bound
to an element in the corresponding XML document.
VSTO offers supporting tools that Office developers can use to build on
top of Office applications as a platform.
Writing scripts for InfoPath is typically done in JavaScript, which unfortunately has a
very limited set of features when you compare them with the functionality attainable
with managed code such as C#. Managed code gives you many additional options,
including creating plugins, more flexible form solutions, and much more.
Visual Studio 2008 InfoPath solution
The VSTO 3.0 experience brings InfoPath forms right into Visual Studio by using
InfoPath 2007. Once you have installed Visual Studio 2008 in your development
environment, you're ready to create InfoPath solutions by using Visual Studio. The
following images in this section show the steps to the InfoPath solution using Visual
Studio. These are the dialog boxes and the environment window that you will use
when you begin creating InfoPath solutions.
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