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Available customization features
Once you have added and executed the above code, you will get the following
screenshot as the output.
Available customization features
customization features
InfoPath programmability encourages you to customize an InfoPath form by altering
its form files or by writing scripting code to create custom functions by using the
InfoPath object model. The main components of an InfoPath form that support
customization are:
Data validation
Event handling
User interface
Editing controls
Error handling
Data submission
Business logic
Form integration
Data validation
Data validation is the process of testing the correctness of entered data. You can
apply a set of rules to a control or field to specify the type and range of data that
users are allowed to enter. If a user enters an incorrect value into a form, data
validation code will display error messages to users. With the support of data
validation in InfoPath you can also write custom code to achieve complex validation.
Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 imposes the distinct XML schema
whenever a user enters data in the InfoPath form; this is also known as
schema validation.
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